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How to Book with Curtis&Hooper

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Our website contains the most up to date vacations we offer so you can research and plan your trip thoroughly. Below are our 7 steps to ensure you receive the vacation you expect.

What We Can Book

  • Accommodation in Hotel or Bed and BreakfastTransport - Car Hire, Chauffeur or Mini-Bus
  • Activities - listed below. Note some activities need a fitness level confirmation from each member of the party
  • Suggested Restaurants, Cultural Activities and Music Venues you may wish to visit.

Not Included in Price

  • Flights to and from Ireland
  • Travel Visa for Ireland - if you are not from the European Union you may need a Visa. Look here for information
  • Please note Car Hire is separate READ MORE
You can book Accommodation, transport and activities with Curtis and Hooper on the island of Ireland and London. Accommodation depending on your budget and interests in Hotels, Country Houses of Character, Self-Catering Properties, Hostels and Glamping. Transport - car hire, mini-bus hire, chauffeur driven or bus with driver . The means of transport depends on the numbers in your group. Cultural sites to visit and option of Guided tours. We meet the local guides along the route who know the area best. Castles, Islands and Lighthouses which have stood the winds of time and change.
  • Cycling Trips cycle around a city or country lanes.
  • Crafts - take part in Jewellery making, Painting, fabric art or painting courses. Meet the craft makers.
  • Food and Drink Tours - Visit Breweries, Artisan Food Producers and Restaurants    Walking - with or without a Guide
  • Genealogy - needs pre-planning to make the most of the trip
  • Golf- equipment can be booked for Ireland?
  • London Trip with visits to the main site of London with local guides. Visit a Royal Castle, Trips down river Thames, Walk or Cycle the city or take a specialist history, food or film tour
  • Specialist Trips - - Star Wars Trip, City Break, Hen Party, Wild Atlantic Way Trips
  • Once you are ready to book a holiday complete an online booking form and one of our consultants will contact you to go through the details of your booking. Please read the Terms and Conditions on our website. Please note that a certain fitness level is essential for some of the activities we offer.
  • Once booked you will receive provisional booking paperwork confirming your itinerary, what is included and what is excluded, along with a deposit request and booking form.
  • You will need to return the signed booking form along with your deposit. Payment may be made online to our bank account using the code given on the booking form.
  • We will ask you to clearly spell the names of each member of the travelling party.
    Please note all correspondence will be addressed to the leader of a group and it is the leader’s responsibility to liaise with all members of the party

    Flights - The airports closest to the south of Ireland are Cork and Shannon, with Dublin, Knock and Belfast being the other airports offering flights into Ireland. We recommend you investigate flights to get the best connections. Contact us for advise or ask on the booking form. We have also attached a map of Ireland so you can see the distances.

    A deposit fo 30% is required to confirm a booking. The amount of the deposit will be confirmed at time of booking. Our standard deposit times are follows: * Travelling within 90 days: Full payment * Travelling within 6 months: 30% deposit with the remainder paid in full 4 months before departure. * Travelling within 12 months: 30% deposit ( note the figure will be confirmed at time of booking), with remainder paid 90 days before departure
    On receipt of both the booking form, fitness level form and deposit all confirmation paperwork this will represent a legal contract between the parties. In your confirmation paperwork will be your pre trip information. This will give details on what is included in any activities and what you should bring with you.

    We can also put you in contact with a specialist Guide to plan your trip in more detail or a Genealogist who can do research on your behalf

    Once the holiday is confirmed you should ensure that each member of the traveling party has the following:

    • Holiday Insurance
    • Current Passport with Visa if required ( look at
    • Medical Requirements / Fitness Form for each member of party
    The details of the trip with Vouchers for Accommodation, Car Hire, Chauffeur, Activities will be included with a map of the area and suggested places to stop on your trip. This should arrive 4 weeks before departure. If the time does not allow for this a representative will meet you at the airport with the documents.

    A week before your departure your travel consultant will contact you to make sure you have received the final paperwork and everything is in order. At this point they can answer any of your last minute questions before wishing you a great holiday in Ireland. They are available for advice during your trip if you have any questions

    Travel documents for your trip will be with the lead booker. These will be in PDF Format and can be printed off by you.

    They will include:

    • Accommodation
    • Vouchers Car hire or Chauffeur Vouchers.
    • Activity Vouchers with time and place for meeting the local Guide Map of the area .
    • List of local excellent and award winning restaurants, pubs for music and places of character to visit.
    • Places of beauty, cultural or historical interest you may wish to visit on your route.

    If you wish to pick up the car after your first night in Ireland we can arrange a chauffeur to your hotel at a small extra charge. We can also book pre and post trip night's in hotels near the airports.

    Once you have returned from holiday we would love to hear feedback on your holiday in Ireland. We want to hear the good and the bad so we can improve the experience for out clients. We will send you a welcome home email with a feedback form. Your review is important to us as we strive to improve the service we offer our clients to give them the most enjoyable and memorable holiday in Ireland. We would ask for your favourite photo from the holiday and the best memory of the trip.